Making Templates Work for You (and a Freebie)


See this little honey bear?  I added him to my Journaling Bible with a template.  The perfectionist in me likes to draw out my designs and then trace them into my Bible and color them in.  This allows me to write and rewrite the words, and doodle whatever images or symbols that speak to me as I turn the verse over in my head.  When I have the illustration just the way I like it, I transfer it onto the page.  I also like to find a coordinating way to highlight the referenced bible verse within the text.  Having a copy of my drawings also allows me to share them with friends, but more on that later.

If you’d like to try using a template to add a little whimsy to your journaling pages, here is a little tutorial just for you.

Making Templates Work for You (and a free template download)


20160613_121959Step 1:  Read your verse and take some time to think about it.  Consider it’s context by reading the entire chapter of the book in which it’s found.

Step 2:  Gather your materials!  In this tutorial I will use a copy of the template, a waterproof fine tipped black marker, and colored pencils.

Step 3:  Position your template under the page you want to illustrate on and copy over the lines with pencil.  This should be fairly easy because the Bible pages are so thin, but make sure you have good lighting.  If you are adding the picture to a book or journal with thicker pages you can use carbon paper or simply rub your pencil on the back of the template, place it on the journal page face up, and trace over the lines with a pen or pencil pressing into the paper.  When you lift the template your tracing marks have pressed the lead onto the journal page, leaving behind an image that you can color in.

ABM_1465869631Step 4:  Trace over your pencil lines with a fine-tipped black waterproof pen.  (I like the Vellum Writers.)  Gently erase your pencil lines.

Step 5:  Enjoy coloring in the picture as you continue to meditate on the words of your Bible verse.

Easy peasy!

If you’d like to give it a try, here is a free template download that contains the honey bear along with three other journaling designs.  You can print them out and color them to use as memory verse cards or book marks, or you can transfer them into your journal using the method above.  Please allow me to give credit where it is due.  The Wonder bread idea is not my own.  I saw a similar illustration on Pinterest, but could not find the original link.  Whoever you are, I tip my hat.  The mustard bottle is also not an original idea, but my version of a design that Joan Robertson posted on her site, Artsy Faith.  The honey bear, though, that’s all me.  🙂

2016-06-21 19.50.09
Add these whimsicle illustrations to your bible with my free template!

If you like the template, feel free to share it.  I’d appreciate a shout out on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook…whatever platform you prefer!  Check back in soon to see how I add dimension and life to my illustrations.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah 🙂




  1. Sarah, what a wonderful thing you have created! I can’t wait to use the FREE template and I love that you took a small idea and made it bloom! What you have created is adorable. Thank you for the sweet mention. The mustard bottle idea came from someone else, I just added a bit more detail and personalized it. Love what you are doing here. Wishing you many blessings!! Joan


    • Joan, I am so happy you liked the template. If you like what you see, would you mind taking the time to save it to a Pinterest board, or to share it with friends on Facebook? That would rock my world. 🙂


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