The fact is, I’m happiest when I’m drawing / crafting / designing while watching a good documentary.  I don’t mean the ones that promise “unprecedented access” and “shocking revelations” on a weekly basis, although I do enjoy a good Don Wildman marathon.  I mean the quality, hour+ long documentaries that you have to watch a few times to fully digest.  I can honestly watch them again and again.  If you’re looking for something nerdy to watch while you’re crafting today, here are my top 5 favorites and where to find them.


5.  The Mysteries of Nefertiti (Amazon Prime). Did you know that some archaeologists think that the famous bust of Nefertiti is a fake!?  Me either!  This is such an interesting documentary.  It is about 45 minutes long.  The only thing negative I can say about it is that the sound quality wasn’t very good, so you’ll need the closed captions


4.  Jack the Ripper (Amazon Prime)  Have you ever wondered why Jack the Ripper is the most well-known and debated killer in history?  What makes this mystery so captivating? Why do his crimes stand out as especially heinous?  I mean, seriously!?  H.H. Holmes built his own death hotel!!!  We aren’t still talking about him (unless you watched the series finale of Sherlock).  This documentary explores the case and the surrounding influences that created our timeless fascination with Jack the Ripper.

Resurrecting Richard III

3.  Secrets:  Richard III & Resurrecting Richard III  (Netflix and YouTube respectively)  Ok, I kind of cheated on this one, but these two documentaries go hand in hand.  For instance, did you know that the body of Richard III, one of England’s most controversial monarchs, was missing?  Did you also know that they found it…under a parking lot?  Did you also know that finding him confirmed that he did, in face, have a severe scoliosis?  The first documentary takes you from search to excavation, confirming that he was a “hunchback,” which the Richard III society has insisted was Shakespeare’s invention to make the king more villainous.  The second follows up by investigating whether or not a man with such a sever scoliosis could perform as the great warrior portrayed in the history books.  What’s mind-blowing is that a young man with an almost identical scoliosis volunteered to act as body double for the king, learning to ride a horse, sword fight, joust, and even having a custom suit of armor made to compensate for his back.  For the young man, it’s is an empowering and enlightening experience.  Both documentaries are worth a watch!


2.  Titanic’s Final Mystery (Netflix)  Two words:  soft horizon.  This documentary blew my mind!  It completely changed my understanding of what happened on the night Titanic sank. Digging into archives to find eyewitness accounts of the event, this documentary seeks to explain how those directing the ship could have steered it directly into the path of an iceberg and exonerate the men involved who received blame.  The results: some men are condemned while others are exhonorated.


1.  Patterns of Evidence (Netflix)  This is an AMAZING documentary that follows film maker Tim Mahoney as he seeks to understand the story of the Bible in light of archeological evidence that casts double upon its historical accuracy.  With the help of many scholars, including Egyptologist David Rohl, Mr.Mahoney follows the patterns of evidence to evaluate the historicity of the Old Testament and it’s impact on the histories of surrounding cultures.

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