What’s for Dinner?  New Orleans Style Poboys!

I don’t really love to cook dinner.  By the end of the day I’m just pooped.  I’ve cleaned up and I’m in no mood to go make a new mess and clean it up again.  But, I know that it’s better if I do.  I mean, every day can’t be taco Tuesday, no matter how great that would be.  So, I’m going to share some of my easiest dinners in a series of posts that I shall call:  “What’s For Dinner?”  There.  Now it’s officially a thing.  Tonight’s edition:  Mom’s New Orleans Style Poboys.  (All the Cajun girls say, “Yaaaassssss!”).  For this recipe I am using a 3lb chuck roast from *angels singing* Aldi.  People have some strong opinions about which kind of roast is best.  After feasting on a sirloin roast that my mom found on sale and cooked for us while we were visiting, I can tell you that it was the best roast I’ve ever had.  Let’s get real, though.  That was a rare occasion.  Usually it’s chuck or rump.  If you’re looking to do some research on which cuts are best for pot roast, you can read more at thekitchn.com.  Because I’m cooking the meat for sandwiches, I won’t be adding any veggies this time.  And, because I’m playing fast and loose, I’m not even gonna brown my roast.  I’m just going to toss it in my crockpot and let the good times roll!


The first thing I’m going to do is pour two cups of beef broth over the roast.  I am loving this beef broth concentrate.  I just add two teaspoons for each cup of water and stir.

Next I’m going to pour in a half cup of red *cooking* wine because I’m Baptist and we have to specify that this wine IS FOR COOKING.  I wouldn’t even know what kind of wine to use for cooking, so it can’t hurt to have that written write there on the label.  Wine connoisseurs may be cringing at my lack of taste, but this brand works just fine for me. 😊

Now we’re going to add a packet of brown gravy mix…

…and every Cajun girl’s friend, Tony Chachere’s seasoning!  You can add up to two tablespoons, and that’s a good bit.  You may want to try just one tablespoon if you prefer less spicy food.

Finally, I added a teaspoon of onion powder.  Cover and cook–the longer the better.  I cooked mine for 6 hours and it was perfect.  

Notice that I did not mention adding any salt or pepper.  With the gravy packet and the Tony’s seasoning you will have plenty of both.All done!  Now it’s time to assemble our poyboys!

My mom makes hers with French bread, but I really like hoagie rolls, so that’s what we used.  With this roast we’ll easily make six Poboys, and each is 6 to 8 inches long.  I can really only eat half.  I like to cut the bread open and lay it under the broiler for two minutes.  Toasting the bread seems to help it hold up better.  You’re also going to need cole slaw and a nice ripe tomato.  Mine isn’t the best, but it’s all we could find.

I like to shred the meat and pour a little gravy over it.  You can thicken your gravy with corn starch if you like.  I like this thinner as jus style.  Finally, add your tomato and slaw and you’re done!  

Isn’t it beautiful!!!???  Ok, the photo isn’t so great, but this is real life, people.  I’m cooking with one hand, snapping photos with the other, and using one of my legs to fend off a kid.  Plus, my hands were probably shaking with excitement because we are about to eat these beautiful sammies!  PS.  You are going to need some napkins because this is a messy Poboy!  

It is so delicious.  My family gobbled these Poboys up!  Well…everyone but The Boss.  She is in a super picky phase, so she ate grilled cheese because I just couldn’t fight that battle tonight.  Judge me.

Here you have it, all plated up with a side of Zapps.  Yes that bag is opened upside down.  No, it wasn’t an accident.  All the good stuff is at the bottom, so that’s where we like to start.

If you’re like me and you scrolled all the way through the photos and skipped the reading to get to the recipe, here it is.  But you really should go back and read the post.  I’m hilarious.

New Orleans Poboys

2-3 lb Chuck Roast (or cut of choice)

2 cups beef broth

1/2 cup red wine

1 packet of gravy mix

1-2 Tablespoons Cajun seasoning (Tony Chachere’s is the best!)

1 tsp onion powder

French bread or hoagie rolls

Sliced tomato

Cole slaw

*You can also use this recipe for an AMAZING french dip by serving it on french bread with swiss cheese and serving the gravy on the side for dipping.  You could also use pepper jack cheese and add grilled bell peppers to make something more like philly cheese steak.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe!  Coming soon:  a free fruits of the spirit printable.

Be blessed!

Sarah B.

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