Hesitating Over Hezekiah

Oh my gosh!? I did it! I put some of my Bible Art on Etsy! I’ve been hesitating for nearly a year, but I did it. It’s not perfect, I’m sure. I’m new to scanning artwork and digital printing. I’m afraid that it won’t be “perfect.” The technical aspects have been holding me back. It is the message that gives me the courage to finally put myself and my art out there.

The last year has been such a journey, and my artwork has been born out of the struggle. A friend asked me how this mid-life development and discovery came about after being a music teacher for over ten years. The best answer I can give is that we have an amazing God who is always working to make things new. I’ve learned that there is no season of life that is off limits to Him. There is no age when we are spiritually put out to pasture. The God who makes new also continues to renew and reveal us throughout all the days of our lives. This creative development in my own life is proof of the fact that He knows us better than we know ourselves, and He brings those things out in us that we never realized were buried within His perfect design. How amazing is that!?

I hope that you’ll check out my listing, here. It is my deepest desire that God will allow me to grow a small business developing creative resources to help other women grow in the love of the Lord and the study of His Word. Any money earned goes to help support our family as we follow the Lord in full time ministry. I’m boldly asking that you share this post and like my listing. Tweet it, Instagram it, Pin it, Facebook it…whatever you like. As always, thank you for reading. To God be the glory! Great things He has done!


Sarah B


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