Press On!

Hello, friends!  And, a belated Happy Easter.  After a bit of a dry season, I’ve been striving to return to my regular Bible reading and Bible journaling.  Life is busy and chaotic, but there is so much joy and peace amid all of that when I prioritize my time in the Word.  Even if it is just ten minutes in the morning, it is good to immerse myself in the mind and heart of God as I am preparing for the day.  I hope that you are finding some time to be in the Word each day, even if it is just for ten minutes.  Life will try to squeeze God out.  The enemy will steal your joy in the day to day by frustrating our efforts and monopolizing our time with petty problems and minutia.  The amazing thing about spending time with God is that it is addictive.  Just a little bit of Jesus makes a world of difference in the day to day.  Experiencing what just ten minutes with Him can do will send you chasing after Him whenever you have a spare minute!  Press on!  Don’t become discouraged if it’s been a while.  Grab your Bible, blow the dust off of your time with God, and just read.  Start with Psalms, if you’re unsure where to begin.  There are so many devotionals out there that you can get right on your phone.  Start listening to a local Christian station and begin meditating on the lyrics and connecting them to scripture.  Allow these words to inspire your Bible art.  My husband chose a great song to sing on Easter Sunday.  It’s called “Glorious Day,” by Passion and Kristian Stanfill, and it inspired the artwork pictured above.  Next week our church will begin a spring revival, so I’m excited to see what art will come out of those times of worship and Bible study.

Thank you for being patient with me as I’ve been silent for a while.  I’ve been working on several sets of Bible coloring pages that I will offer in my Etsy shop.  I’ve also updated the post, “Enough,” adding a link to three full page templates that are available for digital download.  This includes the Bible art in the featured image, “Just Breathe.”  You can visit the shop by following this link as well.

Be blessed!

Sarah B.

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