A Quick Update & a Sneak Peak

So many amazing things are happening in my little world. I’ve received an encouraging response to the Bible art printables that I’ve shared on Etsy, so new things are in the works! I recently added a set of three coloring pages that can also be printed out as tip-ins for my Bible journaling friends. As great as all of that is, it’s hard finding time to update the blog and add listings on Etsy because I’m also teaching Kindergarten now! In early March I accepted a long term assignment that will last to the end of the school year. But, guys!? I LOVE it. It amazes me how God will guide us into a situation that we would never choose for ourselves and say, “Child of God, look what you can do! You never knew, but I’ve known all along.” He is amazing, this God of ours!

One thing that God has shown me through this journey is that my heart wants to encourage people. I can hardly suppress the urge to be a spiritual cheerleader. I want people around me to know how much God loves them and what amazing creations they are! So, I started making these necklaces as little gifts of encouragement, and I’ve received such a positive response that I’ve decided to offer them in my Etsy shop with a coordinating Bible verse color page/ tip-in. I’m so excited!!! Here is a sneak peak of my “Promise Garland” necklace. It is inspired by two verses: Proverbs 1:8-9 and Joshua 21:45. The Bible says that the teachings of wisdom will adorn us like a garland on our head and a gold chain for a necklace. Knowing that, we want to remember what we’ve learned in God’s Word. In this case, we remember that not one of the promises God made to Israel failed. Each one came to pass. That is an awesome truth! The promises garland was designed as a reminder that God keeps His promises, and I love the way it turned out. More designs will be available soon, so please visit the Etsy store. Every necklace is hand made by me and no two are exactly alike. Every dollar made from any of my Etsy sales goes to support our family as we seek to follow the Lord in full time ministry…and Dave Ramsey on the path to financial freedom. ;)But that is a blog post for another time! Meanwhile, be blessed, dear friends.

In Christ,

Sarah B

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