In His Time

Last night I felt so restless. I couldn’t find a sense of calm and peace within my heart and mind. I was worrying about things, but nothing of consequence. I was frustrated over my lack of discipline and progress with my Etsy listings. Feeling silly and discouraged over my necklace ideas, I just got to thinking, “this is all just amateur, Busch league crafty stuff that no one is going to want.” (This is not some thirsty play for attention or reassurances.  I’m just being honest with y’all.)  Sometimes I start looking at the work of my human hands and I find myself asking what any of it means in the grand scheme of things. Don’t even get me started on the state of my house. It’s messy and cluttered and I am powerless against it. I just want to throw up my hands, sell it all, and get one of those tiny houses! Meaningless! All of it is meaningless. I’m in an Ecclesiastes kind of mood, which is fitting, because that’s where I am in my journey through God’s Word.

I’ve learned that when I’m feeling this way it is best to just stop and pray. Wherever I am, I simply take a moment to tell God everything that I’m feeling. Then, I profess to Him what I know from His Word, even though we know that He already knows these things. He is the One that revealed them. However, taking time as I pray to recall what I’ve learned serves not only to remind my heart of these truths, but it also expresses my hopeful expectation and faith in God–that He is exactly who He says He is. These declarations often begin, “But, Lord, I know that You….” This is where my prayers turn from being focused inward to being focused on God. Ecclesiastes 3:11 says that He makes all things beautiful in the appropriate time. This truth came to mind as I prayed last night. I stopped my toiling and decided to spend some time just meditating on God’s Word and coloring.

I try to color and journal with every illustration I share on Etsy, and I hadn’t found a place for one of my newest and favorite sample pages. IMG_4882Suddenly, I knew the perfect place for my camera girl! As I colored I recalled a song from my childhood, “In His Time,” so I wrote the chorus into the margins of my Bible and I’ve been humming it all day today. As I placed my artwork, I turned to another illustration from over a year ago with a similar message and color scheme. Looking at the older tip-in with the new camera girl made me smile. I remember a restless day when I prayed, asking God to give me patience and restraint so that I could wait for Him to move and guide us. Then I was just learning to cast my restlessness and cares upon Him, now I am more practiced at it. The fruits are evident in my life. I have so much more patience, peace, and joy these days. What an amazing God we serve! He really does make all things beautiful. He really does exchange beauty for ashes. He really has mad us new creations, and He is daily bringing His great work to competition in and through us. That, in and of itself, is beautiful.

In His TimeThe details of my Etsy store and my Bible art will work themselves out. If my necklaces don’t sell, at least I took a chance. If my blog and my words never go viral (LOL), that’s ok. Whatever I’m doing, if I’m in the center of God’s will, I’m happy. I offer Him the work of my hands and ask Him to make of it what He wills. I can do these things and trust that whatever the outcome, it will be perfect because it in His hands and in His Time.

If you’d like to use these illustrations in your Bible art, you can download the “His Will in His Time” color page for free here, and you can get the printable “Stay Focused” sample page here.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  🙂

Be blessed, friends!

Sarah B

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