“Our Redeemer” Morning Acknowledgements

Lord, we praise you because you our Redeemer!

In You, nothing is so lost it can’t be found.  (Luke 19:10)

Nothing is so broken it can’t be fixed.  (Psalm 147:3)

Nothing is so dirty it can’t be made clean. (Isaiah 1:18)

Nothing is so ruined that it can’t be redeemed.  (Romans 5:9)

Death itself cannot resist the work of Your hand, for indeed, by Your power even the dead are brought to life!  (1 Corinthians 6:14)

In You all things are made new.  (2 Corinthians 4:7)

Lord, we freely acknowledge that we are broken, wretched creatures, mired in the filth of the world, prone to wander from You, bound to empty things.  Without You we are incapable of anything good, and we can work no good from our lives or in our world.  We cannot master this flesh in our own power.  Only You can save us from our sins and redeem our souls from this state of ruin.  You are the redeemer of our souls.  (Ephesians 1:7)

Lord, we cling to You because You are the only one who can bring goodness from pain.  Only You can take the experiences of our lives and use them to teach us holiness.  There is no part of the human condition that is not useful to You as you work Your perfect will.  We can persevere because of our confidence in Your power to redeem!  (Jeremiah 29:11) 

We declare that we will walk forward with a spirit of expectation, even in the midst of uncertainty.  When we face hurt and disappointment, we will look to You with hope and confidence to see Your better plan.  (Genesis 50:20)  We place our failures into Your merciful hands, comforted because You are perfectly capable, though we are completely weak.  We know that You are a God who works through the unexpected.  You are a God that uses the weak to confound the wise.  (1 Corinthians 1:27)  Your perfect knowledge makes the wisdom of humanity look like utter foolishness by comparison.  You are the only God who stoops to love the unlovable and adopt is as sons and daughters, giving us an inheritance and new life so that we may live as new creations made perfect by our Redeeming God.  (Romans 5:6Psalm 116)


Lord, You are our Reedeemer Playlist: (These are affiliate links, and should you choose to purchase the songs through Amazon, I would receive a small commission.  However, they are available to listen for free on Amazon music, and can be found on several free listening platforms as well.)

Power To Redeem [feat. All Sons & Daughters]


Power to Redeem (Lauren Daigle w/ All Sons and Daughters)



My Beloved

Beloved (Kari Jobe)



No Longer Slaves


No Longer Slaves (I Am They)



Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) (Live)

Broken Vessels (Hillsong)



Beauty for Ashes

Beauty for Ashes (Crystal Lewis)


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