Christ is Risen…

Artwork by Sarah Boger

It’s sunrise on Easter morning, but I’m not in the garden. I’m running around trying to get everything done. All week I’ve been trying to find time to stop and focus on the events of Holy Week, but I was never able to get to it. This morning is no different. I hear the call to stop and wonder,

Christ is Risen…. but I have to get up and I drop my husband off at church so that he can lead the Sunrise Service.

Christ is Risen…. and I have to make sure to take a video of the kids finding their Easter baskets so that he doesn’t miss it.

Christ is Risen…. I can’t forget to put the roast in the crock pot so that it will be ready after church. What time should I start it?

Christ is Risen…. I need to get the house strait before family arrives. Is there enough room in the fridge for Mom’s casserole? I can’t forget to leave the key out.

Christ is Risen…. I should probably paint my toenails. It is Easter after all.

Christ is Risen…. I’ve got to get in the shower and start getting dressed.

Christ is Risen…. Are the kids up and getting dressed?

Christ is Risen….. Has the dog been out yet?

Christ is Risen…. Where are my shoes?

Christ is Risen…. Why am I so irritated? It’s Easter. Shouldn’t I feel more emotional about it?

Even now, on Easter Morning, as I’m wading through the things to do, counting all of the things I’m not, feeling guilty for all of my faults and sins, I fail to stop and rest in what this very morning means for all of us.

Christ is Risen…. even though I didn’t make it to Sunrise Service.

Christ is Risen…. even though I’ve cussed this weekend.

Christ is Risen…. even though I can’t control my irritation.

Christ is Risen…. even though I didn’t read my Bible like I should.

Christ is Risen…. even though I hardly noticed Holy Week go by, but I remembered the Easter Bunny.

Christ is Risen…. even though I’m more focused on the state of our Easter Morning clothes than the state of our Easter Morning hearts.

Christ is Risen…. because He knows that I am enslaved to my own flesh and mired in my own sins. I don’t have to get it all right, even on Easter Morning–especially on Easter Morning. That’s why Jesus came. He died on the cross and rose from the grave because I cannot live the perfect life. I need him to save me from myself. I need Easter Morning, and I can rest in the knowledge that the struggle reminds me of how important this special Sunday is!

Christ is Risen…. He is risen indeed.


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