FREE Fruits of the Spirit Printable!

Free Printable Fruits of the Spirit!Here’s a little happy for those of you that enjoy Bible art.  These cute little “Fruits of the Spirit” embellishments would be a great inspiration for creating scripture art.

  Some ideas might be to use them to illustrate the verse in Galatians 5…

…or to scatter them throughout your bible to mark passages that illustrate that fruit of the spirit in action.  For the best results, I would encourage you to print them onto a quality card stock.  Also, keep in mind that the quality of the product also depends on the quality of your printer and its settings.  I’m still learning about best printing practices.  A fabulous printer is now on my wishlist!  🙂  Still, I think these turned out very well.

I’d love to see what you come up with.  Please leave a photo in the comments to share your creative ideas or post them to Instagram with and #BibleArt.

Fruits of the Spirit Page 1

Fruits of the Spirit Page 2


PS.  This is not glue.  No matter how much you apply, it will never stick!  #truestory #lessonlearned. 🙂


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