“Lord, You’re Beautiful” Morning Acknowledgements

This week I have been offering prayers of acknowledgement on Facebook live.  I’ve been challenged to start my days by praising God for who He is and acknowledging the truth of His word.  These prayers are different from prayers of supplication or thanksgiving, although I do thank God for many things as I pray, and I make requests of Him as I meditate on the great needs that become so apparent in light of these truths.  In these moments, I am inviting anyone who so desires to join me as I start the day in worship and humility before our Mighty God, acknowledging my need for Him, and praising Him because He is the only One that can supply that need.  This is the prayer I offered this morning (I do sometimes write prayers that I want to share so that I don’t ramble.)  My husband always says that the most powerful thing we can do is to pray the Word of God to the God of the Word, so I have also included scripture references.  You will also find links to songs that have ministered to my heart and really led me to appreciate how beautiful our God is.  Scroll to the end to find the playlist.  I pray that you are blessed.

Lord, today we stop in the midst of so much that is ugly and proclaim that You are beautiful (Psalm 50:1-2).  We praise you because there is none like You.  You are the lover of our souls, and you stoop to not only take notice of us, but even more you call us beloved! 

Lord, we stand in awe of who You are and we thank You for revealing Yourself to us through your Word (Romans 10:17) and through Your Son, the Word made flesh (John 1:14). 

We proclaim that there is nothing in this world so lovely as you.  There is no treasure that compares with your matchless worth (Psalm 27:4).

 Lord, teach our souls to long for you as the bride should.  Strengthen us so that we might learn to keep you as the apple of our eye, as we are Yours (Psalm 17:8).  Help us to recognize your great love and to love You in return and your people. 

Lord, we lay our most precious children at your feet and acknowledge that You are the only one worthy of our trust.  We can commit them into Your hands without fear.  Help us to lead them to admire Your beauty and worship You.

Lord, whatever lies ahead, we proclaim that there is nothing to come that can mar Your beauty or make you any less worthy, because Your beauty is yours alone—a part of Your very nature, independent of the eye of the beholder. 

When we long to escape the dark valley of this world and it’s struggles, we know that there is fullness of joy and peace to be found in the pastures of Your presence (Psalm 23).

Whatever ugliness lies ahead, we will cling to you.  Through the power of Your Holy Spirit, help us to fix our gaze upon the beauty of who you are, of your perfect will, and the purpose you give to every pain (1 Peter 4:19), because You are the only One that can bring beauty from our ashes.  (Isaiah 61:3, Philippians 4:8)


You’re Beautiful Playlist:  (These are affiliate links, and should you choose to purchase the songs through Amazon, I would receive a small commission.  However, they are available to listen for free on Amazon music, and can be found on several free listening platforms as well.)

Psalm 45 (Fairest of All)



Fairest of All  (Shane & Shane)



Overwhelmed (Big Daddy Weave



Messiah / You're Beautiful (Album Version)

Messiah / You’re Beautiful (Phil Wickham)


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