“Lord, You Are Our Treasure” Morning Acknowledgements

Today’s Acknowledgement is inspired by Pslam 73.  This scripture has become one of my go-tos for when I am feeling envious.  So many are facing loss at this time, loss of jobs, loss of normalcy, loss of health, loss of loved ones.  It is easy to become bitter, especially when good people suffer while the unscrupulous seem only to prosper.  Nothing seems fair in this strange new normal.  We point fingers and play the blame game.  All too often, the finger eventually lands on God.  It is tempting to call Him unjust or to accuse Him of playing favorites.  It seems that He blesses those who don’t “deserve” it while he ignores those who strive to please Him.  Frustration causes us to lose sight of the spiritual riches we gain through our relationship with God, even though we may lose earthly ones.  We never consider that there might be a spiritual value in our suffering that is known only to God.  With this in mind, we will stop today and acknowledge the treasure that we have in the Lord, and we will commit ourselves to cherish Him better and to teach our children to pursue a relationship with Him above all else, so that their hearts and treasures will be found there also.

Lord, You Are Our Treasure

There is nothing that this world has to offer that is so precious as You, Lord.  There is no gain that is worth losing You.  Of all that can be found by those who seek, You are the greatest treasure of all.

Creation itself sings of your glory and leads us to praise our Maker (Romans 1:20).  We find precious gems in every flower and leaf, fragrant spices on the wind.  The sun strains to reflect the light of your glory, as Birds sing out the most beautiful of songs.  The creatures born of your wonderful imagination dance with elaborate steps to worship You.  The waters sparkle and unfurl their elaborate veils in celebration, and the stars twinkle their applause!  Creation may testify through each wondrous display, and still none of these compare with You (Romans 1:25).    

The lost will chase worldly gain, but I will fix my gaze on you.  When tempted to admire fallen riches, I will remember the value of your great love.  I will guard the the covenant You have made with me (Joshua 23:11), and I will strive to live a life that would lead those around me to the place of its safekeeping, like treasure buried, that they may share in the riches of your goodness (Matthew 5:16).  

What gladness we have in such an inheritance!  What a marvelous hope we have in You. How can we envy the godless ones around us (Romans 5:1-4)?  How can we covet vain pursuits and selfish gains?  This world can hold no charms for us when such a treasure is near.  How can we help but worship when you so freely give of your great self and share with us the worth that is yours alone, for—wonder of wonders—You treasure us in return (Psalm 17:8)! 

We praise you because You gave your greatest treasure so that you might treasure us (Romans 8:32).  You made yourself poor so that we might inherit your riches, and You bless us so that we might be a blessing (Philippians 2:5-7).  We are no longer ruined and wretched, but we are refined as gold.  You give us Your word to hide in our hearts, and lead us in perfect wisdom through your Holy Spirit!  This is the pearl of greatest price, and when we could not claim it ourselves, you purchased it for us with Your blood!    

Of all precious things, You alone are worthy of worship!  Even so, we will acknowledge that we are prone to gaze at empty treasures and forget Your matchless gifts.  Even then we will remember that there is nothing so worthy of our pursuit as You!  We ask you to help us to seek you earnestly, and help us to lead as we seek, singing to the next generation of your great Name. 

We know the treasure we have as broken vessels made strong in You (1 Corinthians 4:7-9).  We know the love greater than any other and the only peace that passes understanding (Prov 3:5-6).  We know that our eternity is secure.  We also know the end of those who do not seek you, and we ask that you would help us to weep for their great loss.  Make us useful to You as reflections of Your goodness in a lost and dying world.  God, make us brave enough to suffer in the flesh so that we might gain in our spirits (1 Peter 4:1-2).  Help us to count all else as loss so that we might fervently seek after You, our greatest treasure, all of our days (Philippians 3:8-9). 



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